My name is Brian. I have been a photographer for most of my life. I started taking photos simply as a way to document my experiences, but I soon fell in love with the expressive nature of the photograph, and its ability to tell the stories of our lives in a way nothing else can.  

The subject matter I tend to choose is a reflection of my personality. I am an introvert, and have always related to the physical world around me more than I relate to other people. So I tend to focus on objects, scenes, and places. As a graphic designer, I am always drawn to shapes, colors, textures and interesting compositions. These are things that I understand and are important to me. My intent is to find the character and beauty in the every day things that most people don't notice. Many of my images are my way of saying "You may have missed this, but you should take a look. It's worth seeing."

I believe a photograph has a power like no other art form. A camera is a time machine, with the ability to freeze real moments. Every time you look at a photo, you travel through time and space to the moment the photographer chose because they deemed it important, something worth seeing. And since the world is filled with amazing things, it's a lifetime's work to always chase the next best image.  

I hope you enjoy some of the work posted here. Don't forget to check back from time to time, and feel free to contact me about anything!